Cutfresh Organics, LLC is operated by Aaron and Betsey Cooper.  It now consists of 165 acres that is part of Aaron’s family’s larger farm. The farm is located on the Eastern Shore of MD in Wicomico County.  2/3 of these 165 acres are certified organic and the rest are in transition to organic production. By the end of 2016, the remaining acres will be certified organic.  More land is available to transition to organic production in the future.

Aaron started working on the family grain farm as a teenager and has become more involved in the last five years.  In 2007, Aaron began growing organic vegetables on a couple of acres and has expanded to machine picked organic vegetables and organic grain on a larger scale. Some vegetables are still harvested by hand.

We feel that farming organically is better for the health of the soil and allows us to more easily market a diverse array of crops in our local area. This diversity which is necessary in the organic farming model, also increases financial stability for the farm. Instead of relying on two crops for income each year, we have 6 or more different crops. If we have a crop failure in 1 or 2 crops, we don’t have a total loss.

Currently we sell all our crops on a wholesale level. Vegetables are sold mostly within an 80 mile radius to the farm.  The grain is sold as far as a 200 mile radius.  We have a grinder mixer (tractor run feed mill) to convert our grain into feed for local, organic livestock farmers.  Ideally, we would sell all of our crops close by.  Currently, that is not a reality, but we will continue to work in that direction.

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Organic Certification

184CutfreshOrganics9-4-14The Organic Certification is the document issued by our certification agency, Maryland Department of Agriculture, which shows that we have met all the requirements stated by the National Organic Program to be considered “Certified Organic.” The 1st step in becoming certified organic is to have farmland that hasn’t had unapproved substances (synthetic fertilzer, synthetic soil …

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