On Farm Processing of Organic Grain

Now that the harvest is complete and all grain is in the bins, I’m beginning to fill out the mounds of paper work required to be a certified organic handler! This will allow us to make our grain into feed and flour right on the farm and sell it under the certified organic seal.

At some point this winter, we will be offering 19% Organic Broiler Grower and 16% Organic Hog Grower feed made with a tractor driven grinder/mixer (portable feed mill). We will also begin grinding wheat flour with a small kitchen mill. We will make whole flour out of our own soft red winter wheat, hard red winter wheat, and hard white winter wheat. We will be able to add some other cereal flour to that list next summer.

Organic Corn in Combine BinOrganic Corn from Combine to Bin

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  1. Ingrid Hansen

    I wish to purchase grain to grind on my own. Do you sell bulk grain? If so, what types, quantities, frequency?

    In addition, I am interested in providing a supplier of produce throughout the year. Organic if possible, or organic growing methods, if not USDA certified.

    I am located in Chestertown.

    Thank you

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