Organic Soybean Roasting

All of our Organic Soybeans were roasted by Horst Grain Roasting. The roaster is mounted on the back of the truck and has input and output augers attached. These roasted Organic Soybeans will be an ingredient in the feed we will be making soon.

Below is a excerpt from a page on the Colorado Soy website which explains why soybeans are roasted before they are used in animal feed.

Roasting soybeans increases Total Digestive Nutrition (T.D.N.). Raw soybeans contain the toxic enzymes urease and lipoxdose, which interfere with digestion and growth in animals. Dry heat at a high temperature destroys the toxic enzymes, while the oil and lecithin are retained. Roasting grains converts saturated fat into unsaturated fat, destroys molds (seen and unseen), and changes carbohydrates (starches) to dextrin (sugar). Through roasting, grains are converted into a more digestible form, requiring less feed.

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